The Globe of Science & Innovation


CERN’s famous landmark, the Globe of Science and Innovation, was initially designed by Geneva architects Hervé Dessimoz and Thomas Büchi as a model of a sustainable building for the Swiss national exhibition Expo ‘02. The Globe is made up of five different types of timber, which allows it to act as a natural carbon sink. 

The Swiss Confederation donated the building to CERN on the occasion of its 50th anniversary in 2004. Since then, the Globe has become an important outreach and communication tool, contributing to establishing CERN as a major regional attraction. 

The Globe of Science and Innovation hosts a variety of public events, such as conferences, panel discussions, film screenings and artistic performances. 

You can contribute to creating a rich programme of public events at the Globe by making a donation now, or by renting the Globe for private events. Information on usage of the Globe for private events can be found by clicking on the box below.