Bougatf - Summer Student

focus groupBougatf, a Computer Scientist from Tunisia, didn’t expect the summer of 2019 to be such a memorable one.

When he found out about the summer student programme at CERN, he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to apply. After all, CERN was…CERN! As he got his selection email, he couldn’t believe his luck!

Once at CERN, Bougatf had the opportunity to meet with the ATLAS software team, where he enjoyed extensive discussions with them and learned more about project presentations. Thanks to the scholarship, he was able to gain invaluable training to develop prototypes for triggering configuration tools.

It was at CERN where Bougatf was inspired, motivated and determined to keep on chasing his dreams. He says, “this internship lasted 2 months, but for me it will last forever. Being at CERN has made me dream bigger. No words can describe enough what working at CERN is like.”

Bougatf is also passionate about software development and loves sharing his experience of programming with others. Last year, he turned his passion into a career as a programming instructor, by teaching young, passionate students and engineers the fundamentals of programming languages.